Corporate email communications

News and information automatically delivered to your staff on a regular basis

  • Improve the way you communicate with and engage your staff
  • Maximise the chances of information being read & absorbed
  • Ensure better retention with Email-Smart's multi-touch "drip drip" effect
  • Add a "call to action" and track staff interest & follow through

Happier, more effective staff

Email-Smart's corporate email broadcasting capabilities provide mid to large sized organisations with an invaluable enterprise wide communication platform.


Corporate email broadcasting enables you to automatically deliver in house news and information on a regular basis, keeping staff informed and empowered and at the same time, enabling you to measure interest and track staff responses to important information.


By delivering regular snippets of information with a link to an article or intranet page for example, staff are not overburdened with masses of information and therefore feel more inclined to "take a peak".


More effective than newsletters

Also, because the Email-Smart snippets can be rephrased or reformatted and delivered on a regular - but non-invasive basis, staff have many more opportunities to "catch up" and respond at a time that best suits them.

In contrast, the one-shot corporate newsletter or page long email might arrive at an inconvenient time and as a consequence end up being buried in individuals' Inboxes. It's the regular multi-touch "drip drip" approach that works so well with Email-Smart's Corporate Email Broadcasting.

Typical applications include:


  • Financial results of the company
  • Employee of the month award
  • New business win announcements
  • Policy reminders and updates 
  • Monthly results
  • Expenses due reminder
  • Project status
  • Pending events
  • Team meeting reminders


Greater relevance

Email-Smart's powerful segmentation capabilities allow you to target specific departments or groups of staff with dedicated Email-Smart messages. In this way you can ensure that the information received is more relevant to the needs of those staff.


Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

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