Five great ways to help grow your business

One great product with multiple applications enabling you to:-

  • Generate more business and gain new customers
  • Improve communications with your staff & business communities
  • Turn your email channel into a profitable Co-Marketing channel
  • Extend your brand reach & ensure compliance in the email channel
  • Conduct your own surveys and gain invaluable customer insight 


Lead Generation

All of us use email on a daily, if not hourly, basis. We just can’t help ourselves. In fact email is now by far the most important means of communication in both our personal life and for our businesses.

Somewhere in the region of 100 billion emails, alerts and notifications are sent every day. Around 25% of these are B2B or B2C business communications.

So it begs the question…are we REALLY using email to its full potential?

Email-Smart's Dynamic Email Marketing solution effortlessly promotes your products & services to thousands of receptive customers. Use it to generate leads, up-sell and cross sell existing customers and virally market your business.

Find out how Email-Smart can radically change the way that your business communicates.



In today’s world where billions of people share information using online resources and social networks like Facebook and MySpace, its rather surprising that many companies still fail to communicate to their staff even the simplest pieces of information.

Information about how well the business is doing, the company’s plans for the future, the recognition that staff have excelled, the partners who have made major contributions ....

We all know how important it is, how much better we all feel when we are acknowledged, informed, loved.... And yet business is often far too busy to pay attention to these fundamental human needs. Crazy eh?

Find out how Email-Smart's Corporate Email Broadcasting solution works to inform and empower your workforce and enhance internal communications.

Co-Op Marketing

With today’s marketing budget constraints and suppliers’ ever increasing demand for accountability, ‘everyday email’ marketing will fast become the preferred marketing channel for every campaign. Email-Smart offers mutual benefits for you and your vendors to deliver to promote, cross-sell or up-sell products & services; and to disseminate news & information on a regular basis.

Just like your website, you can now offer your suppliers a choice of placement be it a banner across the top, Google style ads along the right-hand side or even a P.S. under the signature. They can promote new product launches, weekly promotions, staff competitions.

Find out how Email-Smart can make your email one of your most profitable co-op marketing channels


Brand Identity

Ensure that your branding and corporate email signatures are always on message….

You know what it’s like. Despite the numerous memos and notices that have been circulated around the departments, Barry “Bilbo” Baggins in accounts still insists on using that Druid inspired typeface on his company email signature.

Cheryl in Customer Services, on the other hand, seems to think that a photo of Twinkle (her two month old kitten) is just the thing the business needs to brighten up its customer communications.

Oh, and by the way, the legal department better update the company signature to comply with the latest legal disclaimers - or there could be a law suit heading your way at any time!

Find out how Email-Smart’s Brand Compliant Signature solution can help standardise and reinforce your brand identity in the email channel.


Customer Insight

You know it’s important - even fundamental, that you understand your market and the needs of your customers. So, when was the last time you conducted a survey or invited feedback on your business performance?

Email-Smart’s powerful design capabilities allow you to create simple, but effective surveys and questionnaires that are automatically inserted into selective outbound emails, so that you can target specific groups of people with different material. You can then analyse feedback to increase customer service efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and drive business improvements.

Using Email-Smart you add value to your everyday emails, gain invaluable customer insight and engage your customers on a regular basis. How marvellous is that?  


Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

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