Better targeting, more relevance, increased sales

Obtain deep customer insight and engage in a more personal way

  • Campaign and message analysis - what works, what doesn't
  • Measurable response- Click through reports, CT alerts, CT analysis
  • Informative input - Questionnaires, feedback and surveys
  • Analyse interest - Sender & Recipient statistics
  • Test and refine communications 

Understand your customers

Email-Smart’s powerful tracking capabilities bring classic email marketing techniques to all the Email-Smart emails that leave your business. These techniques allow you to identify and track leads and bring valuable insight into your customer behaviour.

Think what you could achieve if you were able to:-

  • Find out when somebody is interested in your products and services
  • Identify the specific products and services that are of interest
  • Capture the email addresses of those showing interest
  • Track site visits as a result of Email-Smart message click throughs
  • Obtain email notifications as it all happens

Not only do you generate more qualified leads of known provenance, but armed with this customer insight, you are also able to build powerful marketing campaigns that deliver more targeted messages of greater relevance.

Surveys, questionnaires & feedback

You can use Email-Smart message links to build questionnaires and surveys and to obtain valuable customer feedback. In a customer services environment you are able to conduct regular or ad hoc surveys, undertake product/market testing and engage your business community in a more effective way.

Powerful reports

Coupled with Email-Smart’s powerful reports you are able to analyse and discover vital information about your customers needs and interests, for example:

  • Generate a list of every respondent that clicked a link – inc email address
  • Identify the Campaigns that yielded the best click through rates (CTR)
  • Drill down to discover how each Message fared in terms of CTR
  • Analyse email usage across Departments
  • Find out which Users generated the best CTRs
  • Know your top leads by analysing recipient responses

And a dedicated Click Through report means you can manage and track your sales team’s progress in following up those vital new Email-Smart leads.


Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

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