Effortless Lead Generation

Generate more business using the emails you already send

  • Promote your products & services to thousands of receptive customers
  • Generate new leads, up-sell and cross-sell existing customers
  • Find out when someone is interested in your products and services
  • Obtain real-time alerts with the email addresses of your website visitors

You may already know that Email-Smart inserts sales and marketing messages into every email that leaves your business. But it does three other very important things.

Identify the email addresses of your site visitors

Firstly, it automatically tags each link in your Email-Smart messages with a Link ID that is unique to each email you send. Because of this, when someone clicks through to your website, Email-Smart is not only able to tell you the exact product or service that your prospect is interested in, it can also send you a real-time email alert with the respondent's email address.


Armed with this information, your sales team can make contact immediately and ensure that their follow-up is absolutely relevant to your customer’s interests.


Cost-effective targeted marketing

Secondly, Email-Smart allows you to group messages into Campaigns and then target Campaigns at different groups of people such as customers, prospects or leads. You create the Email-Smarts and then let the system decide which Email-Smart to insert based upon the control settings you apply, the recipient’s email address and the target group they are in.


Departmental control

You also control where in your emails the Email-Smarts are inserted and how often. And, you can even run Campaigns that are restricted to an internal department. That way you can ensure that the messages in your Campaigns are aligned with the needs of the business community with which the department communicates.


Once your Email-Smart administrator has setup your campaigns, it all happens automatically and transparently; for your staff and Email-Smart users, it’s business as usual.


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Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

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