Content management in the email channel

Banners, text, HTML, Skyscrapers, Google ads & much more..

  • Manage groups of Email-Smart Messages as a Campaign
  • Schedule your Campaigns & specify how long they should run for
  • Control how Messages are selected & inserted
  • Design or import your own HTML & Text messages
  • Run mutliple concurrent campaigns with Departmental control


Email-Smart Messages are the snippets of information that will be added to your email - the sales and marketing messages, advertisements, PR, news and information that you wish to communicate. They are inserted into your staff’s outbound emails according to a set of rules that you specify for your Email-Smart campaigns.

They may also be inserted into emails that are automatically generated by system processes such as customer service and ecommerce systems, for example – account registration, order acknowledgements, delivery confirmation etc..


Email-Smart allow groups of Messages to be set up and managed as a Campaign.  The Campaign settings then apply to all Messages associated with the Campaign.  They enable you to specify:-

  • When Messages will be sent and for how long
  • How many Messages should be sent
  • The order in which Messages are sent – sequentially or randomly
  • The position within the email where the Message will be inserted
  • The maximum number of times a Message is sent

The Email-Smart Messages can be text or HTML. You can also specify text and HTML versions of the same message and let Email-Smart determine dynamically which format to apply based upon the sender’s email settings.


Here are some example topics related to Sales & Marketing Messages that you may wish to use to develop your Messages:-

  • New products/services
  • New features
  • Benefits/advantages
  • FAQ
  • Did you know ...
  • Competition positioning
  • Offers/promotions
  • Unique Selling Points
  • Commercial issues/pricing
  • New collateral available
  • Call to action (downloads)
  • Pending event/exhibition

An organisation may also wish to publicise the events that they are organising, attending or exhibiting at, for example Conferences, Exhibitions, Seminars, User Group meetings, Breakfast Meetings, Open Days etc..

Internal communications

And within the organisation, Email-Smart can be used to deliver internally-focused messages such as Reminders, Policy information, Announcements, News and General Information. In fact why not use Email-Smart to publicise:-

  • Financial results of the company
  • Employee of the month award
  • New business win announcement
  • Policy reminder or updated docs
  • Monthly results
  • Expenses due reminder
  • Health & Safety statement
  • Project status
  • Pending event
  • Team meeting reminder

In truth, the opportunities are endless and the reach almost limitless. In this sense, Email-Smart is the enabling platform that makes effective communication possible.


Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

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