Classic marketing for Everyday Email

Automatic, dynamic, relevant and targeted

  • Manage your Email-Smart campaigns at a company level or departmentally
  • Target your Email-Smart messages at specific recipient groups
  • Track Click Throughs (CTs), measure CT rates and analyse campaign results
  • Identify the email addresses of your site visitors; get real time email alerts
  • Use Email-Smart to manage signatures, disclaimers & brand visuals

Messages and Campaigns

Great new features for helping you manage multiple messages. For example, groups of Email-Smart messages organised into Email-Smart campaigns, scheduled to run for a fixed period of time or for a specific number of message insertions, with messages picked randomly and using a campaign specific Email-Smart template to ensure the same great look and feel every time.

Find out how easy it is to manage your Email-Smart messages & campaigns.

Segmentation & Targeting

Email-Smart gives you the flexibility to run both centralised and departmental campaigns. This allows you to deliver Email-Smart content that is relevant to the work of the business unit sending the emails and the business community with whom they interact.

Importantly, Email-Smart also allows you to target your campaigns at different recipient groups such as customers, partners and suppliers, once again ensuring highly relevant content and excellent click through rates.

Discover why Email-Smart is one of the most cost effective ways of reaching more people with targeted messages.


Email-Smart's unique email templates allow you to create and manage common email content such as signatures, disclaimers, legal notices and brand visuals, all from a centralised dashboard. It means you can ensure consistency in the way your business presents itself in the email channel and ensure regulatory or legislative compliance and avoid such issues as Cheryl's photo of Twinkle, or Barry "Bilbo" Baggins druid like typeface, both contributing to email anarchy. 

Put your business on a more professional footing now, take a look at Email-Smart's powerful email templates.

Click through tracking

An amazing feature of Email-Smart; the ability to tell you the email address of people showing interest in your products and services. You can also configure Email-Smart to send you an email notification when someone clicks on a link in one of your Email-Smart messages or even the web address in your signature.

Using Email-Smart you track interest and get their email address when they visit your site. Amazing or what?  


Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

Your very own Email-Smart Campaign delivered direct
to your Inbox

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Get the email addresses of your site visitors and receive instant email alerts.

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