A new class of template for managing everyday email

Easy to use template wizard ensures a professional layout every time

  • Automatically & selectively add branding to email communications
  • Add your own Headers, Footers and Signatures to each Template
  • Company-wide, Departmental and Campaign based Email-Smart Templates
  • Ensure regulatory and legislative compliance in your email communications
  • Design your own HTML and text based Templates


Email-Smart offers you a much improved alternative to conventional Outlook based templates that is more reliable, more flexible and more compliant than is normally possible.


The Email-Smart templates allow you to control your corporate ID, ensure consistency in presentation and style, and deliver compliance around email signatures, disclaimers and other legal notices.


A Email-Smart template has a number of elements such as your company logo, a signature, a confidentiality notice, a disclaimer, details of your registered office etc. It also allows you to specify where your message(s) should be inserted.


You can setup and apply a number of Email-Smart templates alongside your campaigns and let Email-Smart automatically select the most appropriate version, much in the same way that it can even choose the best message.


Departmental Templates

The Templates system has also been designed to deliver Departmental or Campaign based Templates thus allowing you to control the look and feel of your email communications as best suited to the needs of the business users and the types of Email-Smart Messages they run.


Brand Compliant Signatures

Email-Smart’s brand compliant signatures help minimise your exposure to regulatory and legislative breaches and at the same time, ensure that the value of your brand  and/or corporate ID, is not eroded or misrepresented.



Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

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