Up to 20% response from Email-Smart

What sort of emails do you need to send out?

Just the ones you are already sending anyway. That’s all.

Email-Smart simply attaches a special message to every email you send to encourage the recipient to find out more.

It could be for lead generation.

It could be training reinforcement.

It may be compliance messages you dare not leave off.

Response rates regularly hit 20%. That means one in five emails you need to send out could achieve something additionally important for your company. And it will have cost you hardly anything at all.


Start a viral marketing thread

You can benefit from exponential growth by doing something you do every day for all sorts of reasons – sending out emails

Each of the recipients could be the beginning of a viral marketing campaign that could bring in new customers, more orders and a bigger market share.

And, as we said, all of this happens for almost no additional cost.

Constructed properly, each Email-Smart message could encourage the person who receives it to forward a link which, in turn, will increase your pool of prospects even more.


Turn admin into the most cost effective sales tool you have

Dear, old boring admin? Yes.

Every email you send is a contact made.

Obviously, people will not respond to every Email-Smart message they receive. But some of the people some of the time soon adds up. The potential is enormous.

All you need to do is run a low cost test – which we can help you with to check out how quickly the figures mount up for you.

More requests for brochures.

More people attending your exhibition stand.

More prospects reading that exciting new case study you now have.


Sell more to people you already know

An email without a Email-Smart message really is a lost opportunity. Once you’ve paid the low set up charges, it costs you nothing.

So why not try Email-Smart out and see how successfully it can work for you.

Take a look at just how little it costs.

And the truly great thing about Email-Smart is that you are talking to warm prospects. These are people who usually know you. Often they are expecting an email from you.

And, remember, you have none of the problems of trust that occur when you are marketing to cold prospects.


Alert the world to what you’ve achieved

We always say that free PR is worth every penny.

What has happened recently that you’re proud of? Email-Smart allows you to use the emails you already send to spread the word fast, providing press releases and case histories to everyone who is interested.

A simple message on your email.

A quick click through to your website.

And when they read what you’ve done for other people, maybe they could be interested, too.

It really is as simple and as immediate as that.


Build your brand the best way possible

Would it be wonderful if people remembered your name and bought your product at the same time?

Well, that’s what Email-Smart offers you.

Every email you send out will be branded not just with your company name, but your product name, as well.

Indeed, with Email-Smart you can direct them to detailed information on as many products or services as you wish.

So you’re not just building your brand, you’re growing your company.


Leads with email addresses attached

Knowing that people are attracted to what you have to offer is nice. Knowing precisely who those people are is even better.

This is Email-Smart’s big advantage.

Every time someone shows interest by clicking on a Email-Smart ad that accompanies all of the emails you send out, their name is recorded.

Consequently, you can now start your sales sequence with confidence.

You know what caught their eye, when they responded and how to get back to them.


The easiest sale you’ll ever make

Business people know that the hardest sale to make is one to someone who has never bought from you before.

The easiest is to an existing customer by means of a cross sell or up sell.

With Email-Smart you can stay in touch with everyone who has ever bought from you before in the most cost effective way possible.

You can launch new models or upgrades.

You can offer trade-ins.

You can make special offers on service renewals.

You can announce discounts for existing customers to thank them for their loyalty.


Training messages need repeating

Training may be expensive, but in a competitive world, it’s very necessary.

So it is important that you get the most from your investment.

Fortunately, Email-Smart isn’t expensive and it does a superb job in reinforcing an individual’s behaviour.

Every email that an employee, sales chain employee, or supplier employee receives can carry a reminder of a key message from their training.

What’s more that message can carry a link to more detailed information that they should be putting into practice.

However, what makes Email-Smart such a wonderfully effective, low cost tool for HR and others is that it tells you who has followed up on their training – and who hasn’t.


Avoid expensive litigation

In certain industries, compliance messages are all too important.

Leave them off an email and, if something should go wrong, it could prove very expensive.

With Email-Smart, you can rest assured that, even when there are a lot of different messages intended for different types of situation, the right one will always appear.

Organisations in the property market, the financial industry, the telecoms sector and anyone involved in health and safety all require these sorts of disclaimers.

A very small investment in Email-Smart could save you a lot of money in legal costs. And, at the same time, it could protect your reputation.


Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

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