What email applications & operating systems are supported?

The current version of Email-Smart supports Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 running on XP, Vista or Windows 7. It can be used with Exchange Server or Hosted Exchange accounts. An Exchange Server version is also available. Additional email systems will be supported soon. Register your interest here.

Do I need to re-route my outbound email?

No. You do not need to change your email or IT systems in order to use Email-Smart. In fact your emails and their content are never exposed to the outside world via Email-Smart, they simply do not leave your system until they are sent in the normal way.

Does Email-Smart still work when I am off-line?

Yes. When you work offline, your sent emails are held in a Email-Smart Outbox until you are next back online. The emails are then processed in the normal way.

How is Email-Smart licensed?

Email-Smart is delivered as a managed service and is charged on a subscription basis. There are pricing models and plans ranging from per user to PPI (per Email-Smart message insertion). More information is available here.

How does Email-Smart work?

Email-Smart software (desktop or server based) communicates with the Email-Smart portal system each time an email is sent. The portal contains your campaign settings plus message and template content. The system uses the email addresses of the sender and recipients to pick the best message based upon the portal settings. The message and template content is then transmitted and applied to the email before it moves to the user’s Outbox. It all happens securely and transparently. Your email content is not exposed in the process and there is no need to change email settings to use Email-Smart.

Will my emails get blocked by SPAM filters?

Remember, Email-Smart is not like eBlasts or mailshots; you are not sending unsolicited volume emails. Instead you are continuing to communicate with your business communities as you always have done. The Email-Smart content is simply embedded into your email. So if you send an email now, and it doesn’t get blocked, then it is very unlikely things will change with Email-Smart content.

How do I design Email-Smart Messages?

You can use the Email-Smart content management system (portal) to design or upload text or HTML based messages including banner ads, graphics, Google style ads and much more. You get access to your own library of content plus a sophisticated HTML editor which can be used by novices and experts alike.

Other questions?

Contact us here to ask other questions. We will endeavour to respond the same working day.


Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

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