Take control of the email channel with

Effortless lead generation & improved staff communications
  • Your own content management system & campaign manager portal
  • Add-in software for Exchange and Outlook (others may be available)
  • A choice of pricing schemes & pay plans
  • Powerful features for scheduling and targeting your campaigns
  • Secure, reliable and fail-safe 

New concepts

Email-Smart is an exciting new software solution that turns your email system into a powerful sales & marketing channel. It also ensures legislative and brand compliance around email signatures and legal disclaimers. It is not another email marketing product for mass mailings nor is it just another signature marketing solution.


Automatic & dynamic

Email-Smart automatically adds pre-defined Email-Smart Messages to your outbound email. It allows you to set up a Campaign with multiple Messages and to specify how and when each Message will be inserted, who is allowed to send and receive the Messages and how often the Messages are sent and repeated. The dynamic way in which Email-Smart operates each time an email is sent, allows you to create highly targeted marketing campaigns where the messages are selected based upon sender and recipient - in other words, tailored accurately to the needs of the audience.


Trackable links

Furthermore, by including links in the Email-Smart message you can find out who is interested in your products and services. You can even get an email alert when somebody clicks through. So you can measure and track responses and identify the email addresses of your site visitors.


Several products in one

In summary Email-Smart delivers:-

  • A new sales and marketing channel
  • An internal corporate broadcast system
  • A novel digital advertising medium
  • A campaign management solution
  • A lead tracking and site visitor identification system
  • A regulatory and legislative email compliance solution
  • A corporate solution for brand compliant signature
  • Dynamic personalised landing pages

Rich in features

In the Products pages of the Email-Smart website you can find information on how Email-Smart works and see examples of Email-Smart messages. You can also visit the Features pages where you will discover a raft of features for segmenting, targeting, scheduling and managing your Email-Smart messages and Campaigns.


Dynamic Landing Page Content

Email-Smart's Dynamic Landing Page solution helps create a far better customer experience by delivering dynamic personalised site content tailored for first-time and subsequent site visits. You can manage complete landing page content or allocate space for personalised content on existing pages and you can integrate with your CRM system and merge data for rendering real time—generating a truly personalised experience. Using Email-Smart’s core tracking technology to generate and track leads, Dynamic Landing delivers the wow factor and relevancy to ensure greater customer engagement, improved loyalty and increased sales conversion.



Put Email-Smart to the test

Put Email-Smart to the test

Your very own Email-Smart Campaign delivered direct
to your Inbox

Free Link Tracking Software for Microsoft Outlook

Get the email addresses of your site visitors and receive instant email alerts.

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