Email-Smart Link Tracking

Newsletter type tracking for everyday email

  • Track links in the body of your everyday email
  • Receive real-time click through alert emails 
  • Get the email address of your site visitors
  • Find out if & when your recipients respond to your links


Tracking IDs

So that you know exactly who is interested in your products and services, Email-Smart adds a unique ID to every link in your email. It can be a link you include in the body of the email or an existing link such as the company website address in your signature. 

The ID is unique to both the Sender and the Recipient of the email and this allows the Email-Smart system to identify the email addresses associated with every click through and to provide comprehensive click through reports and analysis*.


Big Benefits

Currently, when you send an email with links to your website for viewing pages or downloading resources such as PDFs, you never actually know for sure that the recipient has clicked the link and downloaded your file.

With Email-Smart you get to know for sure that the link has been clicked.

Armed with this information you can better understand the level of interest in your products or services. There are of course many other reasons why it might be important for you to know your link has been clicked, perhaps for audit purposes, regulatory or legislative control, training and so on. It's also simply nice to know!


Lead alert Email

You can also receive an instant email alert to notify you that someone has clicked a link.

The alert provides the email address of the clicker, the URL of the link in question and the time and date of the event: Great for providing your sales team with information about people that are interested in your products and services, enabling them to follow up enquiries immediately.

* Note some features are not available in the free version


Marketing POWER for Microsoft® Outlook

Exciting new products in the Email-Smart range:

Everyday Smart

Automatically add dynamic sales & marketing messages to your everyday Outlook emails. Up-sell, cross-sell and PR your business on a regular basis. Invite your readers to click more!

Everyday Premium

Campaign-driven, newsletter-style templates for everyday email, support for banners, skyscrapers and Google-style ads, CRM integration options and much more.

Dynamic Landing

So now they’ve clicked make sure you have a fantastic landing page when they arrive.


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The Email-Smart Outlook add-in software is compatible with Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 running on XP, Vista and Windows 7. The file size is approx 5MB.


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